Had enough of crime ?

The need for good to separate from evil.


Proposed…. PEACETOWN

A Peacetown is simply a HUGE community farm, (10-20,000 H) an ecovillage, where selected God-fearing people (1000+), live self-sufficiently as a nation.(Possibly the fertile mountainous surround of a small dormant seaside town).

We are farmers, artisans, teachers, talented individuals and traders, offering visitors a natural and peaceful getaway. (We are our own superstore, from clothing to shoes, to roof over the head with all foods and produce). Individual manufacturers are welcome here.
A Kibbutz style congregation at heart, totally self sufficient with no unemployment and NO CRIME. A Peacetown.

Here…we choose to await our Lord, away from HIS destruction of the cities and the evil, as prophesied for the end times.

You don’t have to be rich, but ethical and God-fearing only. Pensioners and semi retired skills are most welcome, especially tradesmen and teachers for our skills development school, with widow and orphan center.

The good choose to live with God fearing people only, and AWAY from the evil killers, drug lords, addicts, rapists and thieves, dominating and terrorizing the good and innocent, in this otherwise very beautiful… land of South Africa.

Now at Peacetown, (apart from the Kibbutz people), one hector plots will be available only to decent qualifying persons with talents, and then for only R500/month, with an agreed test period to maintain our vision.

We live off the earth naturally, tending it, and having in subjection the animals and the trees as created.
We have the vision of seeing a Peacetown in every province of South Africa, sharing and supporting each other. We feel that if the good unite as a moral nation, then the fight for the survival of our families WILL succeed.
Let our homes bring peace to nature’s garden as we remove ourselves from the corrupt evil and their concrete jungle.

So we await and prepare our Lord’s Eden.

If you see the vision and wish to share your thoughts, or seek answers, please register on our chat forum;
Kugan AdSense forum; “Greater Exodus, a worldwide movement”.
We welcome the misled in ALL religions.

Who are we ;
Our GOD is YHWH and our ONLY leader is the Messiah.
Our prophets are the end time prophets in the complete word of God.
We are Messianic’s…which in Hebrew means believers in our Messiah,  or in Greek means believers in Christ… called Christians today.

Messianic Jew and Messianic Gentile as ONE, as it was in our Messiah’s day

Yahshua (Jesus) is the lion from the tribe of JUDAH. Rev 5;5, and HIS first followers were Messianic Jews… the disciples.

We are NOT Romes divided “Constantine Christians” of today, but do come from there.

We invite you to be approved of by our Lord as a true believer.

Peace will find you.