Our Dream – The Grand Ecovillage Vision

The worldwide ecovillage vision has its roots in civil society saying: this is how we want to live with each other and our children; this is how we want to live with the natural world, plants and animals. This is how we want to reinvent ourselves as humans. “We are not a collection of objects but a community of subjects”. Economics and technology must adapt to that – not the other way round. In this way society can be structured to reflect spiritual and natural laws. We wish to be free from enslavement to capitalism.


The making of Peacetown South Africa.

The back-to-the-land movement…

The movement calls for communal occupants of land, to grow food on a small-scale basis for themselves or for others, and to live on the land while doing so. Each smallholder is to own and build their own home on a minimum of one hectare of productive land. Individual businesses are encouraged and supported here.

The back-to-the-land movement, is a migration from cities to rural areas, its greatest vigor being before the mid-1970s. There have been back-to-the-land population movements throughout the centuries, and throughout the world, largely due to the occurrence of severe urban problems as we in S.A. now experience. Increasingly people feel the need to live a better life, often simply to survive.

The need for Peacetown Ecovillages in South African

With South Africa gaining the title of “crime capital of the world”, it has become evident that Mr Mandela’s vision of a rainbow nation, with peace and prosperity for all, has been destroyed.

Safety has become the number one priority for all South Africans, with all living in constant fear daily, and having to lock themselves up at night.

20,000 murders a year,rapes every few seconds, housebreaking,car hijacking, robbery and crimes committed every second. Corrupt Government, corrupt police, and corruption  just everywhere.

With this out of control unacceptable evil in mind, Peacetown ecovillages become the solution for the God fearing people or our rainbow nation imprisoned by crime.
Not only will these havens offer residents a peaceful and safe environment, it will also strive to provide a natural eco-friendly habitat that selected talents and families will prosper in.

Many South Africans have resorted to emigrating to other parts of the world, in an attempt to escape the criminal , life threatening elements of this beautiful country. Now, with
the Peacetown concept, they will no longer have to sacrifice their birthplace for foreign territory.

Peacetown provides decent South Africans with a natural environment that they can truly embrace. It is time that South Africans once again raised their families within the safety of a peaceful and moral commune. That time is now!

Let us be pro-active and secure the future of our families. Let us stop living with the evil we face daily. Let us make our homes in Peacetown, where peace of mind is no longer an unheard of myth, but a daily occurrence.

Unfortunately today in South Africa, smallholder farming has been abandoned as the masses invade the cities . Political leaders worldwide thrive on greedy capitalism, and so, “the rich get richer and the poor poorer”.

It is time for decent people to move… and stop being imprisoned by crime.

It is time for peace, time to remove the shackles, and time to live with God’s creation… our Mother earth.


A Peacetown is simply a HUGE privately owned community farm, an ecovillage, where selected God-fearing people live self-sufficiently on their own land as a nation. Mandela’s dream of a “true” Rainbow Nation is realized at this sanctuary. We are farmers, artisans,teachers,talented individuals and traders, offering visitors a natural and peaceful getaway. Totally self sufficient with no unemployment and NO CRIME.   A Peacetown.

Investors will be selected according to their vision and talents. You don’t have to be rich… but ethical and God-fearing only. Skilled pensioners are most welcome especially tradesmen and teachers for our skills development school and university.

Forget racism too, because the real divide is in the fact that there are only two types of people in this world; The good… and the evil. The good choose to live with God fearing people only, and AWAY from the evil killers,drug lords, addicts, rapists and thieves, dominating and terrorizing the good and innocent, in this otherwise very beautiful… land of South Africa.

Now at Peacetown, one hector plots will be available only to decent qualifying persons with talents, and then for only R500/month with an agreed 1 month test period to maintain our vision.

For security from “land grabs”, Peacetown iprefers a 100 year lease (debatable), but insists on moral people only.

We live off the earth naturally, tending it, and having in subjection the animals and the trees as created.

We have the vision of seeing a Peacetown in every province of South Africa, sharing and supporting each other. We feel that if the good unite as a moral nation, then the fight for the survival of our families, WILL succeed.

Let our homes bring peace to nature’s garden as we remove ourselves from the corrupt evil and their concrete jungle.

If you see the vision and wish to be part of this worldwide movement… please contact us;



The First of Peacetown Products

Power for the poor

allen.peacetown@gmail.com )


Before we come to the solution for helping the poor we have to consider their present day situation first.

Now here is how the poor live at present with no electricity or tap water.
Everyday …billions of the poor fetch wood and water worldwide.

Then, unfortunately… this is how they have to cook and the whole family suffers the dangerous smoke and polluted water issues.

And here is the Solution ;

Now please see this rural life upgrade with the stove installed compared to the “smoke room”.                                         

LIGHTS ,lanterns,torches, Radio for music,live sport,news etc. Smartphone for communication, Internet education and TV soon.
NB; All the above electronic gadgets use Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries the same as the cellphone, so no flat battery cost as all batteries are quick charged by the stove. Free…home power.


The stove’s small fire-tube classifier fully utilizes the fires huge power potential and thereby providing all the following 1st world comforts while everyday… cooking.

  • Automatically you have the luxury of a geyser and hot water for the family.
  • Automatically safe steam is produced for distilled clean water from the dangerous polluted river water, HUGE family health benefits.
  • There is no dangerous smoke in the room. HUGE family health benefits.
  • You can cook directly on the stoves whole top plate or use up to 5 pots at a time.
  • The oven can grill on the top rack, roast, and bake on the bottom.
  • Very safe internal fire, No possibility of burning the house down as before.
  • Very child safe too with a hottish outside “warning”, as well as the stove being high and stable unlike small dangerous cookstoves.
  • THEN.. forget candles. You are Powered! You have lights, music (Radio/MP3), charging of cell phones AND you store power with the quick charge battery bank.
  • More; The room is warm and ventilated, with that nice feeling of helping to reduce pollution that is killing our beautiful earth.
  • HUGE pollution reduction compared to one pot primitive cooking INCLUDING comparison to coal-fired electricity to do all these things. AND of course…no bill.
  • “Oh yes…the family can iron clothes too”.

Its neat, burns it’s own smoke, and safe*.
Every rural kitchen’s must-have!

But!!! – The stoves have to be donated simply because the poor… are poor.

Sooooo…that’s the plan with help from donor organisations to help the poor in rural ares.


The idea of “a stove that does it all” is actually obvious…IF you lived in the bush like I did and experienced the problems. After I was forced back to the rat race of city life I just had to start experimenting with this project… every weekend.
I now have the working model which definitely will empower women and uplift the lives of the poor in rural areas worldwide.
As for me, my hope is to establish the self-sufficient Ecovillage…Peacetown.


Unfortunately, we have to consider these hard hitting facts from WHO.

World Health Organisation.

More than three billion people still burn wood, dung, coal and other traditional fuels inside their homes. The resulting indoor air pollution is responsible for more than 1.5 million deaths a year – mostly of young children and their mothers. Moreover, indoor air pollution and inefficient household energy practices are a significant obstacle to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

In contrast, increasing fuel efficiency through better stoves can reduce health risks for all family members. Beyond curbing respiratory problems, a more secure household energy situation enables water to be boiled and thus helps reduce the incidence of water-borne diseases. A closed, raised stove prevents infants and toddlers falling into the fire or knocking over pots of hot liquid and being burned or scalded. Closing the household energy gap can, therefore, be a springboard for achieving the health-related Millennium Development Goals.


Please help fund this project and you will help create a world that makes sure inventors have exposure to better this world so all people can live a happy healthy life. We unitedly can now continue to create a new clean world geared at preventing the destruction of nature and the exploitation of this beautiful earth as is happening today.

 Please join the visionaries to eventually STOP this;

NEW WORLD beauty

Imagine the whole world like this beautiful picture…and at peace.


This stove (power for the poor) is just the beginning of free off grid home power.


Rural Job Creation 

Bakery. Takeaway. health water. Cell phone charging, soap making*.


I believe all the existing large donors organisations for rural development will come on board once they see the huge benefits the poor enjoy when this stove is installed.

I also look forward to useful comments and association.
See too… the stove development on facebook under “Peacetown Products”.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks again


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