Had enough of crime ?

The need for good to separate from evil.

IMMIGRATE to PEACETOWN S.A. This security estate is so big… it’s a town.
WELCOME to our proposed PEACETOWN. Sell up and come, the same as immigrating.  Start your own business here, we are a huge tourist attraction, for your Dollar income.

To start…We need you, the tenants who only pay R1000/month,for your choice of a whopping 2 1/2 Acre plot. The Land will be available for occupation 2019.

We lease farm land with easy sea and game reserve access, for tourist attraction income.

Visualize… A beautiful caravan park town, with each tenant doing their own thing for income, from our local and overseas visitors.

Each tenant has a one hector plot, to accommodate visitors in mobile homes, or to farm, or to do whatever you wish. Peacetown has a central municipality commune, and market place, with all the expertise and talents a town needs.


Is this another Orania ?

NO… Orania is Afrikaners only, but we are for “God fearing” people only.

So Peacetown requirements are… NO KILLING, NO RAPE, NO adultery, NO STEALING, NO CRIME and no stress. A whole new world in Soutg Africa.

Your lease agreement with Peacetown has a 30 day renewal clause for each month.

TROUBLE will be evicted, to ensure this remains… a PEACETOWN.

For more information…please join our chat forum for your information and input, to make this happen.

Peace is good.


Allen, family and friends.   allen.peacetown@gmail.com

Please leave your details below if you would like further updates on the project.